Young couple living in bus conversion pay for their lifestyle from Craigslist jobs.


- Interview By: Brock Butterfield

- Conversion By: Matt Dunn

Matt and Echo are exploring the US in a very untraditional way. They let go of most their material items including items that triggered memories. A hard but crucial thing to do when you plan to move into a small bus conversion and learn to not spend money you don't have.

They discovered that by living simple they had more freedom. When money was needed they searched Craigslist jobs to make a couple bucks here and there. Investing in  adventures was more satisfying and fulfilling than working for money to pay for things they didn't really need.

I had a chance to sit them down for an interview while we both happened to be in Moab, UT. Our mutual friend Nick who also has a converted school bus (interview on his bus conversion here) put us both in touch. It was intriguing to hear how they decided to go tiny and live within their means. Enjoy the tour and interview! 




-Brock Butterfield documents the near death experience that drove him to ultimately quit his 9-5 corporate job, buy a school bus and convert it into a tiny home for traveling and an alternative lifestyle.

This documentary takes you through the process of converting a school bus into a tiny home and then hits the road with up to six guys living in the bus for a winter. Chasing snow storms this crew travels all over the western US, Canada and Alaska in search for good snow. After the winter the five other guys move out of the bus and Brock is left to himself and no plan being the plan. Tiny living makes life more simple and Brock is able to travel on very little income. A love story enters the last part of the documentary as Brock's life continues to change.





- With only one year left in college Alden Simmer and Alex King were tired of paying for run down dorms rooms or college houses to rent. They decided that a school bus conversion would be much more cost effective and comfortable so they set out to purchase and convert a full size school bus into a tiny home on wheels.

I was able to catch them just before they headed off for their last year in college and got to ask them a couple questions about their bus conversion and what they plan to do after college is over. I was glad to hear that they have big plans for the bus after college and it will be interesting to see how far the bus will take them.





- Mark and Karin met in South Africa and when they decided to move back to the US they wanted something more than a stationary home. The bought and converted their bus for around $6,500 - $7k and now travel the US together. They've found the hardest and easiest part of bus life is being in someone's company 24/7 without a place to escape and have your own personal space. As Karin says in the interview, "...he's seen me poop. I've smelt his farts...".

Bus life with another person makes it that much more interesting and these two share some insight on what it's been like and how they've adapted from living out of backpacks to upgrading into a short school bus conversion.