Life In The Bus Lane - Episode 3

- Written By: Brock Butterfield -

Episode three of Life In The Bus Lane takes Brock Butterfield, Jacob Carey, Sam King, Adam Chuntz and Claudia Avon to southern Colorado where a predicted seven foot storm total was expected to hit. The first night sleeping on a mountain pass Brock, Jacob and their cinematographer woke up to snow higher than the hood of the bus. With avalanche danger on high alert the Bus Life Adventure crew found themselves staying in The Respect Hut just outside Silverton, CO where they found some deep and safe snow on low angle slopes and in the trees.

As snow began to settle they make their way into different zones outside Silverton in hopes of riding some bigger and more technical lines. A giant avalanche triggered by snowmobilers kept the crew on their toes as they put down tracks in a fun zone.

- Music -

Bronco "Calm In The Air"

Strings Of Atlas "Unreality"

Colored Animal "Under The Colored Lights"


Life In The Bus Lane - Episode 2

- Written By: Brock Butterfield -

Episode 2 of Life In The Bus Lane features the beginning of last winter when we met up with Mike Hood on Vail Pass and tested out the snowpack. It wasn't as deep as we would have liked it but we did find some good snow and were able to get some filming in before chasing a storm that just hit Jackson Hole.

In Jackson we were joined by Colin Spencer, Byron Bagwell and Rajat Bhayani and we ventured into a zone deep in the Wind Rivers where a lake surrounded in natural features greeted us. We played the weather game but were finally able to get a couple blue bird days were we rode some pristine Wyoming powder. A minor set back with our cinematographer's snowmobile blowing a piston towards the end but we muscled through and packed up camp as we heard Southern Colorado was about to get a seven foot storm (Episode 3).


Life In The Bus Lane - Episode 1

- Written By: Brock Butterfield -

Episode one of Life In The Bus Lane is live! Just under 6 minutes packed with the story of why I decided to buy a bus, how I found a 4x4 short bus in New York and road tripped it back to Utah where I converted it into a Tiny Home for a bunch of snowboarders to live in during the four months of winter. It wasn't all easy though and I talk about how we had issues with the frame of the bus bending from the weight of the sled deck as we were about to hit the road.

Almost a month of set backs and we were finally able to hit the road and pick up the rest of the rowdy crew where we began by teaching our cinematographer and photographer how to drive their snowmobiles. It was their first time owning a snowmobile and the outcome was extremely entertaining.