How to install a ductless mini split in a Skoolie.


Keeping the temperature inside a Skoolie can be a top priority for some Skoolie owners. It was a top priority for our fourth Skoolie as we had learned a lot with the three prior bus conversions. Through some research and talking to Chuck Cassady on our best options for staying cool, we decided to go with a ductless mini split from Pioneer that would run off our solar power bank. We needed to retrofit our current Skoolie to install the Pioneer Diamante Ultra and contracted Chuck Cassady to fly out to us and tackle the install. Here is a DIY video we created to demonstrate how straight forward installing your own ductless mini split in your Skoolie can be.

Note: We partnered with Pioneer to create this DIY video and received compensation. However, it should be stated that Chuck Cassady and his company Chrome Yellow can been installing Pioneer products long before this collaboration and we agreed to partner with Pioneer as we have seen their products work well for Skoolie owners.


Save around $50 (5%) with this discount code on a Pioneer mini split:

Vacuum Pump

Gauge Set

Line Flaring Kit

Hole Saw Kit

Sikaflex Polyurethane Sealant (far better than silicone) 

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