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2008 Chevrolet Blue Bird school bus for sale #201117
Description28 passenger capacity - 2008 Chevrolet Blue Bird school bus - #201117
Converted Diesel Short bus
Description18ft thomas e350 6.0 schoolie ready to roll for your next adventure!
12,000 USD
1990 Completed  Skoolie Conversion
DescriptionCompleted 1990 Skoolie Conversion. Full bath, open floor plan, great for entertaining, full size bed, one of a kind.
27,500 USD
Description40'. Seates removed. Standard brakes(not air)
1,700 USD
Adventure School Bus
DescriptionAdventure Ready School Bus Fully Converted, Gear Garage, Cummins 5.9L Engine, Bluebird Bus Manufacturer, 220 sqft
115,000 USD
1998 International Modified
DescriptionAwesome bus! Used for kayaking adventures. DOT inspection. Used for two years. Runs great! Air brakes.
5,000 USD
1998 International Bus
Description64 passenger bus. Runs great. Has it for two years. Just needs washing! 35' outside length. 27' inside.
5,000 USD
2005 Partial Converted Blue Bird Handy Bus
DescriptionWe are selling our partially converted 2005 Chevrolet Short Bus!
9,995 USD


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