Young man in Lake Tahoe learns how to live rent free and enjoy life.


- Interview By: Brock Butterfield

- Conversion By: Travis Specht

A couple summers ago when I was passing through Lake Tahoe I met a great group of people. Everyone ranging from a bus conversion with a plans to build a dance floor on top, a couple in a van conversion getting paid to promote a brand by simply living in their van and travelling to a super small truck conversion with the most interesting character living in it. Enter Travis Specht. Travis is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. It's hard to ever picture him as someone who would lose his temper or not have a smile on his face.

While filming a short tour of Ashley Hutch's "Bumblebeast" van conversion, Travis showed me his small yet efficient truck conversion that allows him to live in Lake Tahoe rent free while enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds him. Below is a funny little tour of his truck conversion built on the cheap. Check out this rad little video tour I shot of Travis' truck conversion.