~ Holli Zollinger's school bus conversion turned art studio. ~


Filmed By: Brock Butterfield ~

School Bus Conversion By: Holli Zollinger ~

This 1974 Ford Carpenter Coach School Bus only has 13,000 miles on the motor and was purchased for $2,000 from a man in Moab, UT who was using it as a living space with seats bolted to the top deck for sunsets and beer. Holli needed an art studio and decided to purchase the school bus. She removed the kitchen and the wood burning stove as well as replacing the subfloors and putting a bright new paint job on the inside. Her goal was to make it cozy and uplifting so she added lots of houseplants and a bed to take naps on. Check out the full video tour below and be sure to check out Holli Zollinger's work on her website: http://www.hollizollinger.com