Old blue church bus turned into tiny home on wheels.

Warning. You will most likely tear up at the end of the video when you see how and what Patrick proposes with. Grab the Kleenex box and hit the play button to take a tour of this full size school bus conversion by Patrick Schmidt. We also sat Patrick down for an interview where he shares some wise words about bus life and how it's changed his perspective on a few things as well as all the people he's met on the road living the same lifestyle but in different ways.

Get inspired to live freely on the open road and go where the bus takes you. Enjoy the short video below!

After meeting Patrick in person we realized that he's an amazing writer as well and is now our main contributing writer and website content editor. You can check out his articles below.

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2004 Freightliner School Bus Conversion Tour

This full size school bus conversion tour will make you drool... Michael Fuehrer gave us a tour of his tiny home on wheels named "Navi" and shares information on the time and total cost of this skoolie. This school bus conversion has it all with a wet bath complete with tile and a composting toilet, full stove with oven and a dining table to feed a bus life community.

Check out the video tour below of Navigation Nowhere and then reach down and pick your jaw up off the floor...

Navigation Nowhere School Bus Conversion Dining

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Patrick Bilazzo's short film of why he chose "bus life" will make you think about how you live your life.

Living in a short school bus conversion may not be for everyone. We get that. But living your life how you'd like to is for everyone. We spend a very limited amount of time on this spinning planet when you compare to how long said planet has been around. Who's going to remember you in 100 years? If they do remember you, what will they remember you for? Perhaps all the many hours behind a desk you spent working for someone else. But hopefully if they do remember you, it's for how you lived your life and how you spent your time, not money.


 ~ All Bus No Fuss' Short School Bus Conversion ~



Blue Bird School Bus Conversion By: @allbusnofuss ~

The ultimate fishing vacation that never ends. 1998 Blue Bird school bus conversion with custom fishing pole rack on the ceiling to be ready for when the fish are striking. Keaton and Nicole share their video tour of their skoolie and current home while traveling around the United States.

Read their story behind their skoolie:

You can read their full interview here as well as see more photos of their bus conversion. They mention and provide links to a few products they used for their conversion such a their composting toilet and solar panels.