Solar Power For School Bus Conversions

Luckily you don't have to be an electrician to put solar panels on your skoolie, van conversion or tiny home but there are a few basic things to understand in order to purchase the correct solar components the first time around. Our good friends at AM Solar have created a handful of short but informative articles on solar power to help you understand the basics. They're even available for questions in regards to what components will work best for you if you want to run a tanning bed in your school bus conversion. Well, maybe not a tanning bed but they helped us plan our solar system to run a fridge, freezer and espresso machine so there's something to be said about that!

Disclaimer a.k.a. "we're not trying to pull the wool over your eyes": AM Solar did not pay us to include them as a part on our website. They simply are an employee owned company based in Springfield, OR with a deep passion for educating others about solar and helping people build out charging systems that can keep people off-grid comfortably. We support them because of the company's core values, the way they treat their customers AND their employees, the high quality products they recommend and they're mighty fun to grab a burger and a pint with at Planktown Brewery when we roll through Springfield. They'll be posting articles throughout time but if you have an article or topic you'd like to see discussed, drop us a line and we'll ask them to work on it. After they finish their burger and beer of course...


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