Planning your fresh water system for your bus conversion.


We reached out to the bus conversion community in one of our Instagram stories to find out what are some of the most used fresh water items bus conversion owners are installing in their Skoolies. Here is a short list of the bus conversion water system items tried and tested. The links provided are Amazon Affiliate links and we may receive compensation if you choose to click on the link or make a purchase but we always recommend supporting local first so check to see who in your area may carry these products.

bus conversion fresh water fill up

  1. Water Tank - The brand Valterra stood out as the most used water tank for bus conversions when we asked other Skoolie owners. I personally use the 33 gallon tank in my short bus conversion.
    bus conversion water tank

  2. Water Filter - These Camco inline RV water filters were the most used water filters for bus conversions according to other Skoolie owners and it really wasn't a surprise as it's the same filter I use. I typically get the two pack so that I always have a spare on hand.
    bus conversion water filter

  3. Fresh Water Hose - I love this Teknor Apex Zero G RV and marine hose for filling our fresh water tank and was glad to share it with others looking for a compact and easy to store fresh water hose for bus conversions. I have two 50' hoses and they store away in smalls spaces and are about the size of a football each.
    bus conversion water hose

  4. Under Sink Water Filter - It was actually surprising to find that not many Skoolie owners add a second water filter under their sinks to ensure they've got the cleanest drinking water so I've added this Woder water filtration system to the list as it's the one I've been using and love how easy it is to install and change filters. It also doesn't need to be changed for 8,480 gallons!
    bus conversion under sink filter

  5. Fresh, Grey and Black Water Tank Monitors - I never took the time to install level monitors on any of my tanks but would like to in the future and it was nice to hear what other Skoolie owners prefer for a tank monitor for bus conversions. You do need to make sure you purchase a monitor and the water tank probe sensors that go into the tanks.
    bus conversion tank monitor
    bus conversion tank sensors