New EP Written and Recorded in School Bus Conversion

While the rest of the world went into lockdown, Isaac Turner drove into the Oregon woods and later emerged with Skooliana Sessions EP, his latest record written and recorded in his short bus skoolie conversion, Skooliana. With little more than his acoustic guitar, a flair for storytelling, and love for life on the road, Isaac takes us on a lyrical journey inspired by bus life.

After losing his income at the onset of the pandemic, Isaac returned to his roots in music. He views the EP as an ode to the bus life and nomadic lifestyle saying, “the Skooliana Sessions EP was completely done in that creative space and environment.”

Each song has its own flavor. But the first track, “On the Road is My Home,” is an undeniable anthem for anyone who knows the excitement of waking up in a new place every day, and for everyone who dreams about it.

In this video, Isaac shares the story behind Skooliana Sessions EP. You can find and listen to the EP for free here, and consider showing your support for Isaac by purchasing on Bandcamp! 

Thank you for sharing your music with us Isaac, we can’t wait to play it at The Bus Fair in 2021!

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