You've prepared yourself for bus life and are ready to hit the open road but have you helped your dog prepare as well?

~Guest Blogger: Aurora James

We all know home is where the heart is, and for some, that home changes with each passing mile. For those that live on the road full-time, the beauty is in the fact that your home is where you lay your head each night, not your destination. Whether you travel by car, bus, or RV, there will be some days where you might set up camp to enjoy the fresh air and stretch your legs a bit. Your pooch will surely enjoy it, but there are some safety precautions that you need to be aware of to ensure your dog is happy and safe both on and off the road. Check out this infographic for helpful tips to keep your dog safe, then sit back and enjoy the ride.




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The best part about traveling the open road with your dog is that he is always ready for an adventure, whether it is at the crack of dawn or when the stars are shining bright. Keep your companion safe with these helpful tips so that the two of you can enjoy many more adventures to come.