• Skoolies / Bus Conversions

    Skoolies / Bus Conversions

    School bus conversion or a.k.a "skoolie", examples and ideas from others who have taken the leap into bus life. Converting a school bus isn't anything new but there are however lots of new ideas on how to do it. With solar being much more affordable and reliable than it's ever been we're seeing ways to go completely off the grid and be self sustained. Well, granted you can find a place to park for the night but you start to figure that out after a while. In this section we've reached out to a handful of people who've converted or Read More
  • Vans


    Living in a van down by the river used to be frowned on by society. Today a whole new generation of van dwellers are taking it to a whole new level. Sprinter van have become extremely popular with conversions. Here are a handful of awesome people we've met on the road or through Instagram that have built some amazing conversions. Read More
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