For Sale IC RE300 Partially Built Raised Roof Skoolie

For Sale
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This is a project skoolie. It is gutted inside but has full insulation around the engine bay and installed stuctural bed platform with insulation walls. The ceiling was sprayfoamed by the previous owner. Besides that has a grey water tank installed with stacks for shower and kitchen sink and drain valve. It also has an installed and running dc setup on 3, 8d lifeline marine sealed batteries. This inclues 1 solar pannel, charge controller, breakers and a 2000w inverter. I have a main dc run going to the back with usb, voltage indicator and 12v accessory both front and back. Any other lights or small dc runs can be tapped off that. Other than that, it is gutted inside.The bus runs great and i start it up at least every month. I have driven it around town and up to Washington state and back recently keep the oil in good shape. I had it inspected in 2018 by a bus mechanic and changed the oil and had some air leaks fixed. Recenly i also had to replace the air dryer on my last trip which should be good for another 40k or so. am the second owner after it was in service as a school bus. There are no bad rust spots and the paint is in good condition. I painted the metal work i did with white rusto. Not an exact match but not very noticeable. The first owners pained it and professionally deleted the flashers. Most importantly they registered it as an rv. So yes, this is a clean title rv with current reg in California. It is also smog exempt since its a recreational vehicle over 7 tons. It has a raised roof that the previous owner did himself in the summer of 2019. He cut the roof and hat channels about 2 inches above the windows then welded a 1.5" steel box tube frame above the cut. He installed openable rear windows from a 2000 nissan minivan in the front and back. This gives great natural light and can even stargaze from bed. There are also  12" windows to add to the raised section that have not been installed yet.  No cracks or snaps, feels very solid.Kept original windows in the front living room section. The floor is also insulated with plywood over it and the ceiling is spray foamed, there is a lot of nice plywood and hardwood for the build to be passed along to the next owner. There are also plumbing supplies, fasteners, automotive adhesive for sealing windows, interior lights and switches, a never used Suburban propane heater, brand new ryuvati stainless workstation sink, water pumps, paint and probably a few more things im forgetting. Eugene, OR


Oregon, U.S.

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