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2009 Chevrolet express van BUS v8 6.2L with 68.000 miles. 24 FT. Little to no rust. In perfect mechanical condition, ready for any inspection. Good exterior condition, original painting. It's a 2022 conversion used it for the last 6 months. Gasoline

more pictures &vid

LOCATION: Monterrey Mexico, (2h drive fro texas) with no problem to import it to the USA as it was previously brought from the states. The vehicle is American and meets all standars. With the original american bill and mexican "factura". We can negociate delivery options.

Full build conversion with high quality materials and the following caracteristics. ( more detailed in the last picture)

Im a builder so we can negociate small modifications if you´d like.


BATHROOM & WATER FEATURES. - Full 2.40m walk-in bathroom - Walk-in shower with tiles - Huge mirror (160x100) - Big storage cabinets with tile countertop - Onyx and golden sink - LED lighting (multiple) - Water heater - 60 galon fresh water tank - 21 grey water tank - portable toilet.

KITCHEN - Oven and 4 fire stove - Wooden counter tops - Multiple storage cabinets - 21L Microwave - 120 L fridge with 20L freezer

BEDS - 90x190 bunk bed for guests or kids - 90x 200 sofa bed with loads of storage (if needed i can build a bigger bed)

DESTOK - TV atvio 32" with roku TV - new - Wooden 120x60 desk - Book shelfs - puff for seating or working - 110v contacts

LIGHTING - LED lighting on top of the cabinets - LED lighting on the floor - LED lighting in the bathroom-mirror area - 9 light spots divided by area - LED kitchen lighting

ELECTRICAL - Solar panels: 540w (2x270) (new) - Batteriea:405ah (3x135) AGM everexceed (new) - Inverter: 2000w with 4000 peak pure wave sine inverter renogy (new) - Charging options: solar & engine

INSULATION AND CEILING: - Insulated floor, foam and reflectix - Insulated ceiling, foam and reflection - Insulated stairs foam and reflection - Sides and windows reinstaled to be insulated with Sealant, foam, and reflectix - Anti rush paint for all the interior steel

OTHER IMPORTANT FEATURES - Rooftop: 3.5x2.3 pine wooden rooftop with steel stair to go up, treated with chemicals for bugs on exterior use - Stone fireplace - AC (1ton) cold and heat - new - Fan on the driver area - Courtains - Emergency exit - Air ceiling fan - Multiple 110v and 12v charging spots - 10kg gas deposit for heating and kitchen - Multiple cabinets for storage - Super nice cedar ceiling - tube for doing pull ups - engineering flooring




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