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Hello hello! My name is HAZL and for the last year I have been building this beautiful Skoolie you see right here! It has truly been one of the greatest adventures of my life. (See @hazlsradworld on IG/Tiktok for fully documented build adventures.)

I’ve poured my heart into this build and I'm so grateful for the time I've been able to build. From the beginning, the plan for this build was to do everything by the books. I desired to create a recording studio on board. This meant every step had to be planned and thought out with immense care, taking note where I would need to hire a Contractor for concepts I was not capable of. For example, I hired a professional company for the roof raise (See certificate of authenticity).

This bus is a Home DIYers dream. The hardest parts about a bus build have all been accomplished. Roof Raise, Window/Door Installation, Insulation/Subfloor and Walls, Pre Wired Electrical. This build is virtually a full “Rough-in” with a 14” roof raise. She is ready for the fun to begin. The creativity and joy of making a livable space is all that’s required next.

You’ll find below every detail of this build along with links to help you in verifying the products that have been incorporated into this build so far. I have separated the list into 3 categories. “Exterior”, “Interior”, and “Included, not installed”.

I am so looking forward to meeting her new owner and seeing what type of home she becomes.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I am available for phone call/Video Meetings/walkthroughs. In addition,I am also open to deliver upon purchase.

14" Double Panel Angulare Roof Raise (
3 Doors
8 Custom Windows: Millard, Triassic series, white vinyl, clear tempered glass with low-e and argon, and screens. ( ) + extra screens.
8 Custom Exterior Aluminum Window Frames by Dirtbag Innovations LLC.
All original Bus lights have been swapped out for LED Lights.
Arctic Tern Electric Deluxe Roof Hatch Installed. (
Custom welded Deck Mounting Brackets by Dirtbag Innovation LLC. (No holes through the roof!)
Undermount AC Unit Fans have been removed and space is ready for Storage Boxes.
37 ft of Heat/AC Hoses have been deleted and rerouted to complete the line.
Exterior Roof Painted with Henry's Tropicool for Sound Dampening and Insulation.
Rest of the bus is primed. Not painted

Subfloor Installed: Henry's Tropicool coated metal floor covered with 2" Polyiso Foam Board and Sealed 3/4 Plywood.
2 Insulated & Enclosed Wheel Wells.
Walls: Completely framed and insulated with a combination of 80 ml & 50 ml Kiltmat Sound Deadener, Reflectix, 2" Polyiso Foam Board and 1/4" Plywood Subwalls.
Ceiling: 50 ml Killmat Installed and Rib Framing complete/ready for Tongue and Groove,
All Original Wiring has been deleted aside from the necessary wires required to operate outdoor lights and safety equipment.
New Electrical Pre-run (see Electrical Chart image)

Included (Not installed)
6 unopened Lion Safari UT 1300 Lithium Batteries. ( )
4 Silfab 335w Solar Pannels (
4 2" Polyiso Foam Board Sheets + Large Scrap Pieces for Insulating Ceiling.
50+ feet of Reflectix for Roof Insulation.
2 1/4” Plywood Sheets.
2 U-shaped Under Door Seal For Doors.
1 Kwikset Deadbolt Locks.
2 1/2 Sheets of 1/4" Plywood.
10 25ft Custom Tongue and Groove Side Panels.
2 Large Boxes of white tile.
50 Gallon Fresh Water Tank.

See Ad for more photos!

Specific details

Year 1995
Bus Manufacturer AmTran
Motor Manufacturer CAT
Motor Model Cummins
Fuel Type Gas
Miles ---
Kilometers ---
Tire tread remaining Brand new 100%
Rear Wheels Single
Motor Location Front with hood
Wheelchair Access Door Other
Drivetrain 2WD


Oregon, U.S.

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