Beautiful Mid Size Off Grid Bluebird Skoolie For Sale

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Our lovingly created, handcrafted home on wheels is for sale. We built it in 2019, and we have lived and traveled in it full time since then.  

 We love a project, and we’re ready to move on to a new build, so that means that we are ready to introduce this bus to its next family.

This is a 27-foot-long 2004 Blue Bird TC2000.

We designed our bus with the values of openness and light at the top of our list.  To accomplish this goal, we chose to keep the upper half of the bus unobstructed on the passenger side, leaving a clear line of sight from front to back.

This bus is laid out perfectly for a couple, or for one person.   It would make a great full-time home for you just as it has been for us, or it could be a uniquely beautiful vacation home on wheels.

The floors, walls, and ceiling are all very well insulated.  Under the flooring is a layer of Thermoquiet and a layer of Polyiso, topped by a plywood subfloor. The floors are finished with vinyl planks.

​The walls and ceiling are insulated with Reflectix and Havelock wool insulation, a non-toxic and very effective product.

The windows feature a wire system for hanging curtains, and 8 of the windows are screened.

Our living room area features a comfy 80 inch leather sofa (long and wide enough to serve as a guest bed for one adult), under which we added two large storage drawers. A storage unit with 3 drawers sits at the far end, as well as our 12 inch broom/coat closet.   

Directly across from the sofa hangs our very unique table/keyboard combination. The keyboard rests against the wall on its own custom built frame, and the table folds down in front of it.  The table has folding legs that click into place, and when we want to play the keyboard, we fold the table up against the windows.  

We’ll be taking our keyboard with us, but any keyboard up to 5 feet in length will fit in the space.  If you don’t need this feature, you’ll still have a gorgeous table for eating or working on.  The largest drawer under the sofa is big enough to store folding chairs for use with the table.  

There is a TV wall mount above the table, and a second one in the bed area, which makes it easy to transfer a TV from one spot to the other.

The spacious 8-foot kitchen features a two burner propane stove/oven combo. Our high quality, handcrafted drawers utilize soft close drawer slides rated for 100 lbs, and are topped by a butcher block counter. Trash and recycling bins are built into the cabinets, as well as a large space under the sink for cleaning supplies.   

We chose a 24 inch stainless steel workstation sink which includes a bamboo cutting board and a stainless steel draining tray, both of which fit on a built in ledge. A protective bottom grid is also included..

An open upper shelf can be utilized for more storage, or as display space for the beautiful things that inspire you.

Under the cabinets you'll find three large toekick drawers, which provide an astonishing amount of storage space.

The refrigerator is a black, 4.6 cu. ft. Galanz Retro fridge/freezer.  It sits on top of a large drawer that we use to store our Instant Pot. This arrangement makes the contents of the fridge very easy to see and access.

Our bathroom is small but beautifully functional, and comes with one of the beautiful composting toilets that we make and sell through our website, 

 The toilet features a Kildwick urine diverter, and is plumbed to the grey tank.

The bathroom door slides on a floor track, and a pull out cabinet is built into the wall. 

The 24x32 inch shower is tiled with white subway tiles in a stacked pattern, and behind the tiles is Kerdi Board backing, which is lightweight and flexible, making it perfect for use in a home that moves.  The flexible shower rod allows for extra elbow room inside the shower and moves out of the way when the shower isn't being used.

We have nicknamed our bed area “Cozyland”, for good reason.  It’s the coziest getaway space ever.  There is a very comfortable 12 inch hybrid memory foam/spring mattress with built in storage cubbies at one end.  There’s a bedside shelf, and above that we hung a wooden storage box.  The bed is raised to make room for 6 very large storage drawers underneath, but there is plenty of headroom left to sit up in bed.

There are 12v LED, warm white, recessed lights throughout the bus. The bed area and the living room both have dimmer switches, and the rest of the lights are on rocker switches.

You’ll find standard 120v wall plugs conveniently located throughout the bus (11 in total).

Our garage/utility space is found underneath the back half of the bed, and is accessible through the back door of the bus, as well as the side door.

The kitchen and bathroom are fully plumbed with a shore water connection and a 97 gallon freshwater tank. Wastewater is collected in a 97 gallon gray water tank that has standard RV drain connections.

With personal comfort in mind, the bus can be kept at the right temperature with the Pioneer 12,000BTU Mini Split AC with built-in heat pump. There is also a 5,000BTU diesel heater installed that provides plenty of heat while using very little resources.

The house electrical system starts with 2 - 200aH pure gel batteries in series providing 24V. They are charged from shore power or from the solar array. There is 1160W of solar installed discreetly on the roof and a Victron Energy BlueSolar MPPT 100V 50 amp charge controller.

At the core of the electrical system is the Victron 3000W Multiplus Inverter/Charger. The inverter and the charge controller are both bluetooth enabled so they can be monitored and managed from your smartphone. They are also linked via AI software, which makes them able to communicate with one another to charge the battery bank and use your power sources most efficiently.

 On a bright, sunny day, this system is capable of running the mini split air conditioner completely off of solar for a few hours. Of course, if you’re plugged into shore power you can run the AC 24/7 if you so choose.

A 60 lb. (12 gal) under-mounted LP tank provides up to 10 weeks of propane to the kitchen range and the water heater.

This bus is fun to drive, with a short wheel base that makes for a very tight turning radius.  It fits comfortably in two standard parking spaces.  Its compact size makes it easy to find camping spots, and it has plenty of room inside for full time living.  

Let's talk about the little things that are less than perfect.

The front 2 tires will need to be replaced soon.  The back tires have good tread, but have some dry rot.  For ourselves, we would have waited about 6 months to think about replacing the back tires.

The air suspension has a slow, non-critical leak, causing the front end of the bus to lower after the bus has been turned off.  We have dealt with this through the low tech method of putting 2 jack stands under the front end whenever we stop for a while. If we're going to be somewhere for a short while, like grocery shopping, we don't bother. 

The sliding bathroom door sticks a little when the weather's very hot and humid. 

There are some areas of rust on the exterior and undercarriage, but our friend who owns a metal shop told us it's not enough to cause any concern. 

The odometer is not accurate. It reads 30,800, but in actuality the bus has (in our estimation) roughly 120,000 miles on it.  That is based on the information we were given when we bought the bus and how much we estimate we have driven it.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions.

Lots more photos available at









Specific details

Year 2004
Bus Manufacturer Blue Bird
Motor Manufacturer Other
Motor Model Cummins 5.9
Fuel Type Diesel
Miles ---
Kilometers ---
Tire tread remaining 20%
Rear Wheels Dual
Motor Location Front inside cab
Wheelchair Access Door Rear passenger side
Drivetrain 2WD


Florida, U.S.

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