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Fully Converted Short Skoolie Sale

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Price: 18,000 USD
Contact Kristie: Call or Text 203-770-9946
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Added 06-21-2020 10:36:36
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We are selling our 1996 Ford E-350 Diesel 7.3 L Powerstroke short school bus that is fully insulated and wired with solar power. The bus has ~247k miles on it and many more to give in her lifetime! If you do your research on the diesel 7.3L Powerstroke engine, you will find that they are some of the best engines out there and can easily run up to 500,000 miles! This bus took us from Newfoundland, Canada down to Key West, FL over and up all the way to Alaska. We were endlessly amazed by her capabilities!

Bus Includes:
- Engel Solar Power Fridge (valued at $800)
- 2 solar panels: we believe they are 100watts each ; full solar setup and hookups
- Goal Zero Yeti 400 for additional charging / power needs (extremely helpful when cloudy or shorter days and less sun into the solar)- valued at $460
- 2 burner gas stove with 20 lbs propane tank
- Sofa to Bed setup that pulls out to a full size mattress
- Custom made curtains with black out curtain inserts
- 8 gallon portable shower with pressurized water hose
- Fold out desk / working station
- Roof rack and ladder: spare tire up top (real tire, not a donut)
- TONS of storage under the bed, two closets, pantry area, and more!

What you’ll need:
- Faucet: we had a hand pump system that worked but started leaking at the end of our trip. We removed it and want to give the next owners room to decide if they want another hand pump, foot pump, or more complete water pump setup.
- Toilet: we got a simple $80 two compartment setup on amazon that worked well for us, but we didn’t feel it’s the sort of thing anyone wants second hand ;)

Below are the various mechanical upgrades/maintenance we have invested in since we bought her including the mileage they were completed at:

-199,905 miles: New back tires
-200,857 miles: New front suspension (and alignment)
-206,101 miles: New front tires
-208,561 miles: Replaced thermostat, head gasket, glow plugs, fuel injector, manifold gasket, head bolt, CAM shaft position sensor, fuel filter, O-rings
-214,223 miles: Starter and 1 of 2 batteries replaced
-214,247 miles: Alternator and V-belt
-216, 348 miles: Fuel pressure regulator
-217, 853 miles: water pump
-223,268 miles: Tire rotation
-227,925 miles: turbo hoses and housing re-seal, valve asg-vent, air-in connection and hose, fuel hose, turbo mounting gasket, feed pump and 3 gaskets, fuel return hose and pipe
-242,053 miles: Fuel filter
**Just got oil change at 247k miles
We are more than happy to provide additional photos and details as needed! We are willing to discuss and adjust price for the right offer!

Specific details

Year 1996
Bus Manufacturer Other
Motor Manufacturer CAT
Motor Model Ford e350 Powerstroke 7.3L
Fuel Type Diesel
Miles 247090
Kilometers ---
Tire tread remaining 80%
Rear Wheels Single
Motor Location Front with hood
Wheelchair Access Door None
Drivetrain 2WD


Colorado, U.S.

Advert details

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