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Chestnut Bus is FOR SALE

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Price: 45,000 USD
@chestnutbus on IG
Added 05-22-2020 13:41:31
Created by


Travel North and South America in this Beautiful 40ft Converted 2002 Thomas School Bus.

Park it up somewhere and live completely off-grid.

Driven by a Caterpillar Diesel rear-pusher engine, built to last 800,000 miles.

Has been completely serviced in the last 6 months and runs very well. Oil changed +/-1000 miles ago. Old oil came out clean. Radiator hoses have just been replaced.

We’ve owned for 1 year. We are selling to move onto a new dream of buying our first home. Happy to discuss price and delivery options to make both your dreams and our dreams come true. 

Apart from the engine the entire vehicle is powered by the sun. It has 700 watts of solar panels on the roof and plenty of batteries to store up electricity for the nighttime. We have the fridge on and plugged in 24/7 without the battery ever dropping below 80%.

A 12v system runs the lights
A separate 110v for outlets/TV/fridge/water heater etc.
All powered by the same solar panels.

Bluetooth connectivity to the electrical system to check battery levels at all times.

The solar also charges the starter batteries so you will never struggle getting the bus started. Brand new starter batteries too.
As long as you keep the fuel tank full of diesel you can take this bus wherever you want.

King size Tuft&Needle bed in the bedroom. Lovely reading shelf above the bed. Open up the window and enjoy the view wherever you park.
Privacy curtain for camping in campsites, open them up when camping deep in nature for a full 360 view.

Thick sealed wooden countertops
Deep stainless steel sink with sprayer faucet
2 burner hob that runs on propane.
Also has a portable BBQ grill in the bay underneath.
Hidden Trash and Recycling Bins

100 gallon fresh water tank
100 gallons grey water tank meaning you can live completely off grid for 2-3 weeks.
Hot shower
Cassette toilet. Easiest and least smelly of the toilet options we found!
Couch is nearly 7ft long and comfortably fits our extremely tall friends to sleep on.

Plenty of storage underneath both the couch and the bed as well as a bay that runs half the length of the bus.

Let us know if you have any questions! We love talking about this project. Hope you enjoy it!

Specific details

Year 2002
Bus Manufacturer Thomas
Motor Manufacturer CAT
Motor Model Unknown
Fuel Type Diesel
Miles 193,000
Kilometers ---
Tire tread remaining 60%
Rear Wheels Dual
Motor Location Rear
Wheelchair Access Door Other
Drivetrain 2WD


Pennslyvania, U.S.

Advert details

Advert ID: 157
Displayed: 1358
Expires: 06-05-2020 13:41:31


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