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2009 International CE 300 Diesel

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Price: 14,500 USD
Contact Nicole @
Added 03-05-2020 13:14:11
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Looking for a great bus to do a Skoolie conversion? We have the perfect bus for you! We have already started the project and completed most of the dirty gruelling work - it's a clean slate ready for you to start building out your dream bus. Check out our conversion progress on instagram @

Diesel bus with airbrakes, 7.6lt engine 8 cylinder motor. Maxxforce engine, one side door + rear door & emergency hatch in roof. Overall length is approx 25.5 feet. Clean title, no accidents. No liens agains the vehicle. Has been registered in both Alberta and BC - Canadian vehicle never registered in the US. Never used as a school bus, this bus was up in Fort McMurray driving around mine workers. Great tires ready to deal with mud and snow!


- We have tons of pics and videos on our instagram and are happy to share more videos of the interior via email etc
- All seats removed
- Walls and ceiling panels (and all rivets) have been removed
- Windows have all been removed, resealed and re-installed - one has been blocked out where the closet was going to go
- Floors have been stripped, rust ground out, rust sealant, foam cork insulation, waterproofed plywood subfloor with 13 ply high grade plywood - ready for the final flooring layer to be installed
- 2 rear access doors have been installed - were planning to add in big sliding drawers under the bed area - have the drawer slides that can be included with the sale
- plastic furring strips installed in prep of insulation stage
- ready for insulation to be installed - we were going to do spray foam but you can decide what type you would like for your conversion
- Heaters were removed but we still have them so they can be reinstalled if desired
- AC unit was removed from roof to make room for a deck but still have the unit and will be included in the sale if desired
- Roof rack prep has been done - bolts and brackets installed - have the metal ready for welding and can include in the sale
- lots of design work was done in Google sketchup for the interior layout and the roof racks - happy to include the design files as part of the sale if you would like them

The bus is currently parked out on a farm in Delta where the conversion work was taking place.

Specific details

Year 2009
Bus Manufacturer Other
Motor Manufacturer International
Motor Model Maxxforce
Fuel Type Diesel
Miles ---
Kilometers 75500
Tire tread remaining 80%
Rear Wheels Dual
Motor Location Front with hood
Wheelchair Access Door None
Drivetrain 2WD


British Columbia, Canada

Advert details

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Displayed: 1183
Expires: 04-05-2020 13:14:11


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