When it comes to living on the road full-time, there are definitely a lot of perks, but there are also some misunderstandings from the outside world.

Whether it’s being rich, living in a bikini, or having a worry-free lifestyle, here are ELEVEN MISCONCEPTIONS we’ve experienced first-hand.

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skoolie conversion always on vacation remote work busy

11. We are on vacation all the time.

It’s great to have flexibility on the road, but it’s not always gravy, baby. For example, we have to focus on things we didn’t when we lived in a house, like where we will sleep that night, how much water we have on-board, what level our solar is at, when we are going to shower, how much cooking fuel we have, and where we’re going to dump our grey water.

always on vacation sugar beet harvest workers on wheels

Always on vacation...Working seasonal jobs at the sugar beet harvest in North Dakota, 2019

10. “Wow, you live on a bus. You must be rich!”

Re-read that and try not to sense the irony. Income seems to be the biggest concern we hear about life on the road. For some reason, society has taught us that living a simple life closer to nature comes with a hefty price tag. Our bills are less, but most of us still work online or seasonal jobs to make some cash along the way. But you don’t have to be rich to live this lifestyle, just resourceful. There is a difference.

must be rich expensive skoolie bus conversion house highway

9. Downsizing ends when the adventure begins.

Nope, it’s constant. Downsizing was a muscle we flexed moving from our two-bedroom house to our 34-foot bus, and it’s one we use on a weekly basis. If it doesn’t fit in our lives, it’s got to go.

richard little bus house highway downsizing

Downsizing from our two bedroom house

8. We have EVERYTHING figured out.

Wherever we go, people tell us we are living their dream, or wish they could do what we are doing. This often comes with the idea that we know something they don’t or that we can do it, but for some reason, they can’t. If anything, we are always working to find balance in this lifestyle and there’s no “right way” to do it. It’s just about taking the leap and having faith in the process.

everything figured out bus conversion tow truck help

We have everything figured out alright.

7. We have NOTHING figured out.

No matter how many people love what we are doing, there are always a few who view mobile living as something that’s wrong with us or society. They make us feel like we always have to explain ourselves. But our approach is to take it in stride because they are the ones who need to hear from us so we can re-frame negative stereotypes.

nothing figured out confused life decision bus life adventure

6. This will last forever.

For some of us, this may ring true. But for others, life on the road may be a transition between chapters of our lives and modes of travel. It may last years or months depending on what we’re looking for and what we want to experience. But no matter where and how long it takes us, each journey is beautiful in its own way.

bus life last forever temporary house highway

This will last forever. Cut to 2060- Get off our lawn!

5. We live in an Alternate Universe.

Despite what you come across online, we are real people. Most of us still go to (or sleep at) Walmart, eat junk food, and have bad days. However, they are slightly less bad than before we set out.

little house highway aliens star trek alternate universe

Alternate Universe

little house on the hwy weird bus conversion joy fun

We're Weird.

4. We want to sleep on your couch.

When we visit, people often feel obligated to offer up weird places for us to sleep. They offer up their couch, futon, child’s old bedroom, or a guest bedroom to give us a break from the road. But the truth is, that’s not necessary. We come with our home. We built it and we like it. And! It comes equipped with our very own comfy bed. Also, since we travel with our whole house, packing for us is a disaster.

bus conversion tiny home sleep couch guest tiny house

"Isn't this so much more comfortable than the bed in your bus home?"

3. An on-board bathroom and shower are a top priority.

It’s true while living on the road you will need to use the bathroom and take a shower. But the reality of how this happens varies. If given the option, we always choose an outside bathroom over our 150 sq ft home, and we appreciate long, hot showers. We spent $65 on a cassette toilet for emergencies and we shower at the gym. In the end, both needs are met. And all those beautiful, shiny showers you see online? We hate to break it to you, but a lot of them are used for storage.

special skoolie toilet bathroom bus conversion little house highway

Toilet Life on the Road

2. We are always Insta-ready.

Recent “Instagram v. Reality” posts have become popular because as stated earlier, we do not live in an alternate universe. We live full-grown lives in tiny spaces. Our home, our dog (if we had one), and our bright, shining faces are not always as photogenic as we’d like them to be.

But when they are? You best believe we’re taking a photo of that sh**.

little house highway always instagram ready beautiful interior

1. We lead a lonely existence.

For us, the truth is the opposite. Life before the road was a lonelier one. Sure, we were surrounded by people, but mostly, they were people we didn’t get to choose: neighbors co-workers, students, family. On the road, we are around just as many people, but for the most part, they are people we get to pick.

not so lonely existense lake havasu little house highway bus conversion

Our not-so-lonely existence in Lake Havasu, AZ

Thanks for stopping by. We'll see you on the HWY!

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