Skoolie Academy providing knowledge for those looking to build their own bus conversion.

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Skoolie Academy is designed to be the complete resource for those looking to convert a school bus into a motorhome. Our first installment, Skoolie 101 - What To Know Before You Begin, covers every aspect of the skoolie purchase. We discuss engines/transmissions, where to buy, what red flags to look for when purchasing your bus, how to insure/register your bus and much more. This small investment could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. 
I purchased my bus for $3k at auction. At the present time I have over $12k invested and counting in the drivetrain and suspension. If I had a course like Skoolie Academy I would have made a much better original purchase. To this day, I still see social media posts of peoples busses breaking down on the way home. Save yourself time, energy and money by joining our course! The first 5 people get 10% off the course.
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