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We've teamed up with OVRHD to provide you an interactive tour of the inside of the bus. The majority of images below can be activated by hovering your mouse over. You'll see little tags embedded into the photo that can be clicked on for more information. Everything from fun facts to what gear or product we use. Enjoy the tour of the bus and let us know if you have questions on how we did something!


Yeeehaw! Short 4x4 school bus with a snowmobile deck on the back!


 Welcome to the Bus Life Adventure!


 Dining room, bedroom, kitchen and closet. Music through our Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell and coffee via our french press.


 Bedroom. Powerful LED Lights, zero degree bag and camp booties.


 Storage under dining seats.


 Storage below the feet of the dining area. Gotta have your Outdoor Tech Buckshot, Grape Solar Charging Kit, SPOT Gen3 tracker and Globalstar Sat Phone!


  More storage under the dining seats. Washing machine and Mr. Heater Little Buddy.


Setting up the cots for sleeping two more people.


 Solar power! Grape Solar Charge Controller and Xantrex Prowatt SW 2000 Inverter.


Kitchen. Portable water jugs, Grape Solar powered fridge and two burner stove.


Kni-Co wood stove with a heat powered stove fan and pipe thermostat to keep an eye on temps.


 Front nook area of the bus complete with Tiny Homes On The Move: Wheels And Water. Great book for inspiration.


Front nook storage where we store our shower unit.



Front nook work desk when needed.



 Shower unit for bathroom with another portable water jug.


Bathroom with the Luggable Loo for going number two.