SCS Wraps installs bus wrap!

We rallied the bus from Salt Lake City, UT to Bozeman, MT where SCS Wraps installed the bus wrap. These guys went above and beyond to make sure the wrap was not only stylish but installed correctly. SCS Wraps is one of the few 3M Certified when it comes to installing. Thanks for having us SCS!

 Pictures and video of the install below.





Paul putting the professional touches on the install.



We tried to talk SCS into letting us take the new sleds they just wrapped...



Gotta drink the local beers when out of town! Red Lodge Ales.



Co-pilot and future Bus Life Adventure guest blogger Liz Eshleman taking in the scenery.



We were welcomed by snow after getting back to Park City, UT. Let it snow!

Buy a welder, learn how to weld, fabricate a snowmobile deck and paint the bus.


Sounds simple right? That's what I had envisioned in my mind but as with all things there were a few hiccups that we had to overcome. Because we had chopped the last four feet of the bus, we were left with four feet of chassis to weld onto and create the ultimate "fun deck" as we call it. The deck will be used for snowmobiles, four wheelers, stand up paddle boards (SUP), bikes, etc. Anything that is required for life in the bus lane.

We had to purchase most of the steel but I was able to salvage some steel from the bus seats that we used for the shelves under the "fun deck" to hold a generator, propane, wood, tools, etc.


Main frame welded and painted. Now to fabricate some shelves. Mario Mainini blazing welds.


Storage coming together.


Next we decided to give the bus a face lift with a paint job. We went with flat white to reduce heat in summer with flat black accents.

Paint on!


Primed up.


Bus needed some flat black to break up all the white. Racing stripes.


Bruce with a nice face lift.


Working on the bus everyday for over a month finally got to me.

I was at the point where I was pretty burnt out. I needed a break so that I could clear my head and come back fresh. I called up my buddy Ross Downard from Mtn Ranks and we headed into the woods to ride some of the great downhill trails that Park City, UT has to offer. Lily Pad Downard from "Lily Shreds" (Ross' jack russell) joined us and put this little edit together.





We need a snowmobile deck. Grab the sawzall and let's cut four feet off.

A large part of buying a short school bus was so that I could still get around easily in parking lots at the top of mountain passes where we typically unload the snowmobiles and head out into the back country. I knew I had to buy a bus that was at least 5 windows long so that I could chop the back four feet off and build a snowmobile deck on the back. I also started to notice that the 5 window buses are dually which allows more weight to be put on the rear.

My dad made his way down from Idaho to help with chopping the bus. He's a genius when it comes to taking apart something and putting it back together. We ground out all the rivets, used a sawzall to blaze a cut across the ceiling and then slowly started to pull the back of the bus off.


My dad parting the Red Sea.

Cutting the ceiling where we'll reattach.


It's four feet shorter on the interior now. 76 square feet of living space.

Back reattached with the four feet of chassis to build off of.