Our first stop of the trip for snowboarding and getting our feet wet was Steamboat Springs. Traveling with a total of four snowmobiles is a lot to maintain and we needed to stock up on oil and a few other supplies before heading out. Steamboat Powersports is the best place to stop in for all your supplies. 8 gallons of oil later we made our way to the trail head for the first night sleeping all four of us in the bus. It was interesting to say the least and we spent the night laughing and drinking PBR in our t-shirts due to the wood stove making it a nice 82 degrees inside the bus with 10 degrees outside.

The next day consisted of getting Ryan (our photographer) and Brian (our cinematographer) comfortable on their snowmobiles being it would be the first year they owned one. The snow was sub par but we did find a few meadows for learning how to man handle a snowmobile. Jacob and I spent most of the day laughing as we watched Ryan and Brian get tossed off the sleds while learning how to turn in powder. We ended the day at McKnights (highly recommended) for some happy hour appetizers, beers and epic face off battles between photographers and riders in ping pong, pool and foosball.

With conditions not the greatest in Steamboat we made out way to Vail where our good friend Mike Hood was waiting to show us a zone non of us had been to. We explored and scraped some rocks for a couple days trying to find good snow. Colin Spencer's sled also had an issue and we had to tow the sled out by using a split board tied down to the track.

Next we made out way to Denver, CO for the SIA trade show where the bus was parked out front for anyone to come take a tour. After SIA we stopped by the Never Summer factory to pick up some new boards before we hit the road for Jackson where the snow pack was much deeper and consistent.


Loading up on snowmobile supplies!


Ryan Bregante perfecting his pow carves on his snowmobile.


Brian and Ryan in a Guinness chugging contest. One of them dispersed all their dinner afterward.


Unloading at the trail head. 


Attaching a splitboard to the bottom of the snowmobile track to tow it out.


Ryan and Cub changing out spark plugs before heading out.



Two vital tools in the backcountry. SPOT Gen3 Tracker and Grape Solar Stone.


Parked out front the Denver Convention Center for SIA 2015.


Never Summer factory employee putting the final touches on a board.


The new Funslinger from Never Summer stacked up!

A few bumps in the road but we've hit the pavement with cameras rolling.

It was a rough past month with a few unplanned events but we finally hit the road. We took my favorite route to Colorado on the US 40 through Steamboat Springs and dipped into the Front Range where Jacob "Cub" Carey and Brian Swenson were waiting. High fives, hugs and cold beers were exchanged as we parked the bus for the night.

The next day we rose early to tackle getting a few last things dialed before we started the big adventure. A full days worth of applying custom snowmobile wraps, tuning sleds, stocking up on groceries and pre cooking 39 burritos to heat up in our Muff Pots, a small cooking unit attached to the muffler of our snowmobiles.

It snowed most of the day on us and we talked about the potential of good conditions on the horizon.


Frosted trees on the US 40.


"Do not rush through life. Pause and enjoy it."


Rolling through Steamboat Springs.


Cub's Mod Shop.




Three dudes, one sled wrap.



Weld it up!


We travel deep into the backcountry and cross many glacier fields in Alaska.

Having a snowmobile that is dependable to get you back home safe is critical to filming in the backcountry. Each season we put lots of miles on our Ski-doo snowmobiles and we always start each season with dropping our machines off at Weller Recreation for a full tune up and inspection. Located in Kamas, UT, Weller Recreation has grown their 53 year old business into a new facility with lots of room to spare. The new location also sits on 50 acres that they can test repaired machines on or diagnose one that's just been brought in.

One thing we've noticed with Weller Recreation is that they are a service oriented company that aren't there for a "one off sale". They do everything they can to keep their customers happy and the large majority of their business is returning customers. We're one of those customers and are so grateful to have the guys at Weller Recreation making sure we're fully ready to hit the road each year.

Besides Ski-doo, Weller Recreation also sells and services Polaris, Yamaha and Gibbs. If you haven't heard of Gibbs that's because we hadn't either. Gibbs makes the only available Quadski which is an amphibious quad. Kinda wild!

For those of you that reside close to Salt Lake City / Park City we would highly recommend Weller Recreation if you need your ATV, motorcycle, side by side or snowmobile serviced. If you're looking to buy new you should also see their huge showroom and great deals.


Need parts? Weller Recreation has them!




Full service shop for just about everything!


Had the opportunity to learn a little history behind Weller Recreation from Mike Weller.










Stand up paddle boarding or "SUP" has exploded in the last handful of years.

We had the opportunity to tour the GLIDE Paddleboards warehouse and see what goes into making a board. Being that we'll be using their boards next summer it was a great experience to learn more about what goes into the boards. All the boards are made in Salt Lake City, UT therefore keeping jobs in the US and giving their boards the highest quality control check you can get.



The fancy machine that shapes the boards. Styrofoam everywhere!



Cut from giant blocks of foam.



Epoxy room.



Sanding room.



Boards ready to float!



The giant pile of leftovers that get's recycled.