President of employee owned business sheds light on solar for skoolies.

I first met Garret at a tradeshow in Salt Lake City when shopping for sponsors for the documentary Life In The Bus Lane. Garret was more than helpful to walk me through setting up my solar for my first bus and now offers that same free advice to other skoolies looking to find freedom off grid.

Garret has worked in the solar industry since 2009 and is the President of A.M. Solar, Inc. located in Springfield, OR. He has an Electrical Engineering degree and MBA from Oregon State University. Aside from moving electrons, Garret feels that freedom is the most important thing solar panels produce. It's the freedom to be anywhere, not have a utility bill, and still be able to enjoy the comforts of home. When not helping people move electrons and find their own freedom, Garret spends his evenings on his mini-farm, beekeeping and raising chickens with his wife and son.

Garret and family

Garret and family.

Garret and family

Harlan and Garret on their mini-farm.

Garret and family

Director of farming operations - Harlan.

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