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"Do you ever leave the dogs alone in the van?"

~ By Contributing Writer: The Gnomad Home ~

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Quick answer: Yes, but with strict guidelines.

To be honest, we hate leaving the girls behind. We take them with us everywhere we can. But sometimes we want to do things that don't allow dogs. So what do we do in those scenarios?


First off, we NEVER leave them unattended in the van when it's hot. Even if it's just really warm we'll have one of us stay back with them just to be safe (ie: one of us runs into the grocery store instead of both of us). Even when the weather really is nice we'll still have one of us hang back because that means we can get some work done while the other runs the errands. We have ways of keeping our van comfortable in hot weather - like reflective window coverings, a vent fan, cooling towels, etc - but we still like to be safe.
If the weather is cool enough (comfortably cool, not freezing temps) we may pop into a restaurant here or there. But being the over-protective parents we are, we'll park in a visible spot and ask for a seat by the window (😅).
We never leave them unattended for long, I'd say no more than an hour tops, and if whatever we are doing ends up being longer than an hour then one of us will pop out to check on them every once in awhile to make sure they're comfortable and have water.

Sometimes we want to do REALLY cool stuff that doesn't allow dogs like go to a concert, check out some museums or spend all day at the movies, and in those scenarios we tend to leave them with a Rover sitter that we vet heavily. Yes, yes, we're those parents, haha. We have very high standards for what sort of strangers we'll leave our girls with and if we don't find a good match we just re-evaluate our plans until we find an option we're comfortable with.
We built this van for our girls, to show them a life outside of a fenced-in backyard. So we don't like the idea of abandoning them a bunch. But the van is their home and their comfort zone, so it's far less stressful than it used to be leaving them behind.
What about you? Do you travel with pets? Do you leave them in the van? Comment on our instagram post!

- Jayme, John, Nymeria, Delilah