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We are looking to sell our short school bus. We have used it for a few months traveling around the US East coast. We decided to do some remodeling to add electricity, more plumbing, tanks under the bus, and raise the bed for more storage. Halfway through the remodel, Covid happened and the bus had to go instantly into storage. We no longer live in the US so the bus has been in storage for the last few years, halfway through its remodel. We bought it when the bus had been converted and used by the previous owner for ski trips. The bus is fully wood, walls, ceiling, floor. We heightened the bed and made it an official Queen size to make it easy to buy matresses and sheets etc. Now that the bed is higher, it adds to the storage space underneath it (accessible both from inside and outside) so you could even fit mountain bikes in there. There is a counter top with sink and a 2 plate stove stop, that will need to be remounted but is perfectly working. The electrical setup on the consumer side exists of a full sized fridge, an airconditioning system, some waterpumps and some LED lights. On the supply side, the bus can be ran through a normal shorepower connection or through the batteries (675 AH, 12V (series parallel of 6 x 225 AH 6V batteries)). The batteries can be charged by a second alternator (recharges fully discharged batteries while driving in 3 hours approx.), by the shorepower or by solar panels. For the solar side of things, we have installed a solar charger as well as a complete cable run upto the roof, the only thig missing is to buy and connect the solar panels, literally plug and play. With fully charged batteries, you can run the fridge etc for a whole week if you do not use airconditioning. If you use airconditioning, full batteries will last you a full night. The airconditioning works great keeping the bus cool when in the shade or during the night, but in full sun you are better off opening all the windows (the buss has windows on both sides over the whole length). Electrical schematics available. We have added a 25 gall fresh water tank underneath the bus, as well as a 25 gall grey water tank. Both have been fixed and have pvc pipework connected and taken through the floor already up till inside the bus, again, just need to plug and play. The bus has no toilet and no shower, but a portable solution can easily be installed. To heat the bus, we used a small fireplace, that we dismounted but can be remounted. It includes a removable chimney. The passenger seat has been disconnected from the floor as we had planned to put it on a swivel so that it could be turned to face the back of the bus. The swivel is in the bus, already fitted to the seat, it just needs to be mounted to the floor. The door handle of the passenger side has been removed for us to do some work on it and the panel of the side of the door is off as well. All this can be remounted if you do not want to change it. All necessary kitchen supplies and camping equipment is all in the bus and will be part of the bus when it sells. There is also a full set of tools, to work on the bus, as well as a manual for the car part of the truck. The truck is a MGC Savannah G3500, from 2001, with a Thomas school bus built onto it. The engine and all mechanics were all in good condition, it was stored inside a warehouse whilst regularly charging for more than 2 years and then end of last year was moved to a house in Fort Lauderdale. The car battery is flat and will probably need to be replaced.

Specific details

Year 2000
Bus Manufacturer Thomas
Motor Manufacturer GMC
Motor Model 5.7l V8
Fuel Type Gas
Miles 70 000
Kilometers ---
Tire tread remaining 80%
Rear Wheels Dual
Motor Location Front with hood
Wheelchair Access Door None
Drivetrain 2WD



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