A tiny fair showcasing school bus tiny homes.

With the increase in tiny house festivals popping up all over I noticed that many of us skoolie owners where getting asked to come show our school bus conversions. However, the tiny house festivals seem to only focused on tiny homes and the companies who make tiny homes. They also lack in a few of the fun things.

When I decided to create The Bus Fair, at it's core I wanted to see three main things:

  • A way for skoolie owners to show their builds
  • The option for skoolie owners to sell their art or hand made goods
  • Create an after hours environment for those showing their skoolies that brought us all together as a tribe

900x1260 5x7 Buslife Flyer Front 02

Skoolie Show

I've invited 20-30 skoolies to showcase their builds at The Bus Fair. Everything from short, mid-size and full length school buses. The school bus conversions also range in their status of the conversion process. There will be some skoolies that have just been gutted, others that are halfway through and the majority that are completely done. I see this as a way for all of you who are curious about doing your own build to get a real idea of what goes into it and to be able to ask the builders questions. In addition we will also have a couple of professional skoolie builders for you to chat with and get an idea of how much it would cost if you decide to have them do the build for you.

Art Vendors

In addition to those core items, The Bus Fair will also have art vendors selling only hand made items that were crafted with passion. Nothing soley produced in the masses overseas. Each art vendor and their product is reviewed prior to being invited to The Bus Fair to ensure attendees have a truly unique experience when browsing the art booths. Interested in being an art vendor? Learn more about it here.

Food Trucks

What's a great event without great food? Our food vendors have also been hand selected and taste tested to make sure we're giving you the best chow around. We have a few spots that still need to be filled so if you're interested in having a food truck at The Bus Fair you can fill out an application here.

Guest speakers and workshops

In my travels while living in my skoolie I would get a lot of the same questions such as "How do you make money on the road?" or "How long does it take to convert a bus?" and "How did you figure out how much solar you would need?"

At The Bus Fair we'll be covering these questions and more. I have a handful of skoolie owners who have been on the road for some time now that will be speaking on these topics or leading small workshops.

Live Music

The little town of Oakridge, OR where the event will be hosted has an abnormal amount of hidden musical talent including a few retired musicians who have been around the globe a few times performing with big name bands. I've rounded up some of my favorites to fill the airwaves with some string strumming ear candy. To see the music line up go here.


Bring your buses, vans, trucks, teepees or bedroll and join the afterhours hangout around the campfire and under some old growth douglas fir and cedars. The sound of the Willamette River tickling camps edge will be all you need to lull you to sleep at night. Camping passes include camping for up to four people and two entry tickets to The Bus Fair on Saturday. For more info check out this page.


Oakridge, OR is known for being the Mountain Bike Capital of the Northwest so don't forget to bring your bikes! But, that's not the only hidden gem in town. There are over 4k miles of dirt logging roads to be explored and if you happen to own a side by side (OHV) you can legally drive them on the streets in town to access restaurants, the Pub and many other businesses in addition to the old logging roads.

Town is only a square mile radius of 2.1 miles and is surrounded by the Willamatte National Forest. With hiking, fishing, fly fishing, waterfalls, Waldo Lake (third clearest lake in the world), mushroom hunting, SUP, kayaking and swimming holes, there's not shortage of recreation to be had.

So join us for year one of The Bus Fair.

Online ticket sales are available and 25% off the normal day of event gate fee. I've even created an ambassador program so that you can essentially go to The Bus Fair for free if you share your unique discount code with friends and family. Get your tickets here and I can't wait to see you at The Bus Fair!

Brock Butterfield
Founder - Bus Life Adventure