We started our day out with gas station coffee and a creepy guy staring at us from his window.

At first we thought someone had placed a cardboard cutout of a man in their window but after Ryan snapped a few photos, the cardboard figure moved. The old man apparently was worried for the safety of the children in the bus and the hooligans that were driving it. That's the beauty of road trips and taking side roads. You get to see things you typically wouldn't if you were on the interstates. Granted you get places faster on the interstates but if you have time, what's the rush?

Well, Hello there neighbor...

I'm looking forward to more of these views in the morning.

We put the rubber to the pavement and started making our way towards Indiana where we planned to stay on an organic farm with some friends. I began to feel pretty comfortable driving the bus at this point and it no longer felt like a giant space ship. Corn was the view for the day as we drove through hundreds of miles of nothing but corn fields. We broke up the drive with a stop at Twistee Treats in a little town. Nothing like ice cream on a hot summer day.

Wind and corn.

Endless miles of corn.

Cash only. Ice cream is my weakness.

Later that evening we rolled into Crème de la Crop outside Valparaiso, IN. The farm has been in the same family for years. We picked some fresh produce and cooked up some stir fry while drinking Yuengling deep into the night.


Photo: Brock Butterfield


Photos provided by Ryan Bregante unless stated otherwise.