It's always nice to meet other road trippers on epic adventures.

While we were grabbing coffee in Durango, backing up footage and filming a little bit out front we were approached by a young lady and her mother. They were curious if we were road tripping in the bus of which we both grinned and said "Yes". They too were on a long road trip and had started out in Bellingham, WA where they live on a boat. They gave us a hot tip about a website called Road Trippers which gives you all sorts of great things to do and see while on the road. We parted ways and made our way to Mesa Verde National Park to see some of the ancient cave houses that Ancestral Pueblo people used to live in when the water resources were more available.


Amazing what you can do with just the resources around you.

The little kids above didn't like how long it took me to get this shot. They were waiting.

Photo of a photo.

As we were walking back to the bus and passing one of the park buildings we saw a young man and his dog with a sign that read "UTAH PLEASE". Enter Flick and Blackie. I inquired about where in Utah he was trying to get to and he mentioned that he had never been to Moab and would like to check it out. Moab was right on our way so I offered to give him and Blackie a ride. I explained we were traveling in a short school bus so we had plenty of room. He thought about it for a second and decided to jump aboard with us. Ryan and Flick sat on the school bus seats like a couple of kids and talked about Flick's upbringing in the swamps of Florida and how he started traveling the US with Blackie a few years back. He doesn't have much and doesn't need much as he's found the kindness of strangers is far richer than any money in the world.

Almost home.

We got to Moab and took a short drive through Arches National Park with Flick sitting in a camp chair up front by me in the bus. We was intrigued by the red rock and different formations throughout the park. He expressed that he didn't realize how desolate Moab was and I could tell he was thinking about where to camp, gather water and how many miles through the desert he'd have to travel if he didn't get a ride. I offered to take him all the way to Park City if he wished. He decided that would be a better plan and we set off into the sun towards home.

Flick enjoying the view just like when he was a kid.

Last fuel stop before we pushed the last 300+ miles home.