Our first stop of the trip for snowboarding and getting our feet wet was Steamboat Springs. Traveling with a total of four snowmobiles is a lot to maintain and we needed to stock up on oil and a few other supplies before heading out. Steamboat Powersports is the best place to stop in for all your supplies. 8 gallons of oil later we made our way to the trail head for the first night sleeping all four of us in the bus. It was interesting to say the least and we spent the night laughing and drinking PBR in our t-shirts due to the wood stove making it a nice 82 degrees inside the bus with 10 degrees outside.

The next day consisted of getting Ryan (our photographer) and Brian (our cinematographer) comfortable on their snowmobiles being it would be the first year they owned one. The snow was sub par but we did find a few meadows for learning how to man handle a snowmobile. Jacob and I spent most of the day laughing as we watched Ryan and Brian get tossed off the sleds while learning how to turn in powder. We ended the day at McKnights (highly recommended) for some happy hour appetizers, beers and epic face off battles between photographers and riders in ping pong, pool and foosball.

With conditions not the greatest in Steamboat we made out way to Vail where our good friend Mike Hood was waiting to show us a zone non of us had been to. We explored and scraped some rocks for a couple days trying to find good snow. Colin Spencer's sled also had an issue and we had to tow the sled out by using a split board tied down to the track.

Next we made out way to Denver, CO for the SIA trade show where the bus was parked out front for anyone to come take a tour. After SIA we stopped by the Never Summer factory to pick up some new boards before we hit the road for Jackson where the snow pack was much deeper and consistent.


Loading up on snowmobile supplies!


Ryan Bregante perfecting his pow carves on his snowmobile.


Brian and Ryan in a Guinness chugging contest. One of them dispersed all their dinner afterward.



Unloading at the trail head. 


Attaching a splitboard to the bottom of the snowmobile track to tow it out.


Ryan and Cub changing out spark plugs before heading out.




Two vital tools in the backcountry. SPOT Gen3 Tracker and Grape Solar Stone.


Parked out front the Denver Convention Center for SIA 2015.


Never Summer factory employee putting the final touches on a board.


The new Funslinger from Never Summer stacked up!