A few bumps in the road but we've hit the pavement with cameras rolling.

It was a rough past month with a few unplanned events but we finally hit the road. We took my favorite route to Colorado on the US 40 through Steamboat Springs and dipped into the Front Range where Jacob "Cub" Carey and Brian Swenson were waiting. High fives, hugs and cold beers were exchanged as we parked the bus for the night.

The next day we rose early to tackle getting a few last things dialed before we started the big adventure. A full days worth of applying custom snowmobile wraps, tuning sleds, stocking up on groceries and pre cooking 39 burritos to heat up in our Muff Pots, a small cooking unit attached to the muffler of our snowmobiles.

It snowed most of the day on us and we talked about the potential of good conditions on the horizon.


Frosted trees on the US 40.


"Do not rush through life. Pause and enjoy it."


Rolling through Steamboat Springs.


Cub's Mod Shop.




Three dudes, one sled wrap.



Weld it up!