Instagram has become not only a way to share photos but a way to meet like minded people doing similar things in life. We follow a lot of other people on Instagram that have or are converting school buses into Tiny Homes. One particular person (@theabominableheidimonster), Heidi Miller had hit us up with a few questions on how we set our Kni-Co wood stove up inside the bus. Brock was heading to Park City, UT in the bus and decided to make a short stop in Moab, UT where Heidi lived to shoot a quick interview. Well, life on the road always has its surprises and after blowing a tire just outside Moab he ended up spending four days helping Heidi with her bus, paddle boarding, biking and a little rock climbing before getting ready to link back in with the rest of the crew.

Once the bus was loaded, Ben Girardi a photographer from SLC, Austin Gibney and Colin Spencer joined the Bus Life Adventure crew to seek out snow in Alaska. It was an interesting drive to say the least and the weather in Alaska proved to be a challenge for finding blue days to film and ride big lines.

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