Got a bus in the US that you want to "house swap" with a converted bus in Australia?

Our friends down under at Beats Bus are planning to come to the US and do some road tripping and attend Burning Man summer 2016. They're looking to do a bus exchange with someone who has a skoolie in the US and offer up their bus conversion for someone who wants to go go see Australia. Sounds rad right?!

We've listed the information below about the couple and how to reach them if you're interested. Might be a good excuse to go see Australia bus life style. There's obviously some logistics involved with the whole thing that you'll have to work out but it will all be worth it in the end.

Here's the info:

August 1st to September 10, 2016.
Australia - Brisbane pick up, drop off anywhere on East Coast Australia
USA - East Coast pickup, drop off West Coast 
* Flexible with length of time buses are exchanged for.  We will be in the States for the above dates and ideally would have the bus exchange for the entire length of time.  
1994 Toyota Coaster
Licensed to seat 2 passengers 
4.490 GVM
Opening windows
Rear door access 
Side automatic door 
Double Bed
90L fridge 
2 x 12 vault fans 
240 vault points & USB charge points x 4
Solar power
Sun shade awning 
Portable table  
Camping chairs w tables x 2 
Lounge area with ample storage
Side attached table to bus 
2 X JBL blue tooth speakers 
Butane double cooker 
Ample storage 
Push bikes + helmets x 2 
Mini Mals x 2 
Clothes line 
Bag shower
WIFI (certain locations) 
Free camping guide by BeatsBUS crew 
Two driving captains hats 
A pet cactus 
Services up to date
Preferred mechanics 
Road side & comprehensive insurance 
New tyres 
Spare tyre 
Tool kit + power drill
Please note that the BeatsBUS purposely does not have a toilet, inbuilt shower or sink.  Generally as free campers Australia's East Coast is very easy to access clean and good free bathrooms, showers, water sources.  We both have gym memberships at a 24/7 gym chain if a hot shower is desired, however the climate in Australia doesn't really require hot showers. 
Kim and Christian, we are a couple who live and work on the road.  We run a live music agency and decided to hit the road in January 2016 to expand our business throughout the East Coast of Australia.  We are very excited to head to the states in August and September for a much needed break and arrange for another couple to take care of our beloved BeatsBUS.  We are looking to do Route66 (East Coast to West Coast) and finish off our trip at Burning Man 2016 (pending tickets) 
We love the beach and spend most of our time at or near it.  We live a simple life which is blissful as our work life is quite busy.  Beach swims in the morning and surfs in the afternoon.  We live for live music and can recommend a stack of gigs, events and festivals whilst you are in Australia.  We have been free camping and have had no problems in doing so.  We find that if you stay in the same place only one or two nights people are friendly and don't have a problem with you staying there.  We are respectful of the environment and never leave rubbish behind.  We find cruisy places next to the beach with showers, bathrooms and shade.  We have met a lot of amazing people on the road and have learnt a lot about ourselves too.  If you are looking to free camp we can recommend our favourite places to those coming to Australia.  We also have friends and family in most cities on the East Coast so if you need a rest from Buslife they're more than happy to accommodate. 
Australia as a whole is very relaxed.  The environment is amazing, white sand long stretches of beaches, luscious rainforests, open red dessert.  Depending on where you are located, the climate in August/September is generally between 15 degrees celsius and further north 25/30 degrees celsius.  It will be spring at that time which means the water is generally warmer, the surf starts to pick up again and everything is quite fresh.  
We are a clean, tidy and respectful couple.  Having renovated our BeatsBUS from scratch with the help of some tradie mates we understand the work, love, money and time that has been put into our homes on wheels.  We would love to exchange for a 5 - 6 week period with others who also understand this.  
We are looking to exchange the BeatsBUS for the 5 week period and only require a simple vehicle in return.   Ideally the vehicle we swap with would have the same or similar features as the BeatsBUS and would need to be reliable.  
Upon 'e-meeting' potential exchangers we would like to discuss the finer details such as insurance, breakdowns etc. etc. 
So, if you are interested in coming to Australia for a few weeks and exchange your bus with us we would love to chat to you.  Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. you can also follow us on our Instagram page: @BeatsBUS